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About Our Members

Membership in ACLC is fairly evenly distributed between men and women. Our members range in age from their 20’s to 70’s, although most are in the 30 to 60 range.

Interests range from fetish wear (such as those who enjoy wearing, smelling, touching or just looking at leather or latex or whatever) to strong involvement in BDSM activities. Lovers of uniforms and Levi’s are also well represented within the club, as are motorcycle riders. And some of us just really get off on supporting favorite local charities.


“But I don’t have any leather!”

You don’t need any leather to participate in ACLC. Most folks start out with a t-shirt-and-Levi’s look, adding wrist or arm bands, boots, a vest, jacket, or other elements as they go along. A full leather look is developed over time, as you discover which items turn you on or make you feel good by wearing them. You may discover that uniforms are your fetish of choice, or perhaps latex, or …

While many leather folks choose a fairly “butch” look, others may cultivate a deliberately feminine style.

Not a Sex Club

ACLC doesn’t sponsor “play parties” or similar sexual events.

Our members are neither required nor expected to participate in any type of sexual event as part of their membership. The club’s activities are limited to those outlined in our mission statement.


Who said you had to know anything about BDSM (bondage & discipline/sado-masochism)? BDSM are only two of the many kinds of play and/or lifestyles that can be found within the leather community.

If that’s where your interests lie, you’ll find other members to talk with and be introduced to many sources for information on safe and sane play, including how to check out a potential play partner to make sure they’re a trusted individual. ACLC has opportunities to learn about many types of play, and meet a variety of people in many different relationship models.

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