Silver Bell Award

The recipient of the Lee Bell Award, also known affectionately as the Silver Bell Award, is selected by secret ballot of ACLC’s Board of Directors following a round of open nominations by members.  The Award is made during each year’s Mr. & Ms. Alameda County Leather Contest.

Not even our Board of Directors knows the winner’s name until the award is unwrapped.

The award was created in memory of Lee Bell, a much-loved local man who worked tirelessly in all aspects of the community. Lee supported every club, organization, and even lending a hand, shoulder, or ear as needed.

Lee and his partner, Shilo Herrling, seemed to be everywhere at once.

Who could ever have believed that this magnificent man would leave us due to heart failure? He seemed to have so much heart to share with anyone who needed it.

At each year’s Contest, we honor someone who has chosen to live his or her life in the spirit of generosity and service.

1997 Shilo Herrling
1998 Den Calkins
1999 David Facio (“Tootsie”)
2000 Tiffany Woods
2001 Elena Hall
2002 David Barker
2003 Karl Schuck
2004 Andrew Johnson (“Bootdog”)
2005 Joan Norry
2006 Dan Herrera
2007 Don Woods
2008 Larry Gray
2009 Nyna Kaiser
2010 Sandy Reinhardt (“Mama”)
2011 DJ Mora
2012 Mama Portugal
2013 Billy Aviles
2014 Fawn Luck
2015 Dan Lloyd
2016 Mel Yeager
2017 Randy Wright


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