Current Titleholders

Our Titleholders:

Mr. ACL 2017 :  Steve Geist (“Ox”)

Ms. ACL 2017 :  Jeni Finch (“Minxy Jeni”)

Many thanks to Rich Stadtmiller for photographing our contest!

Below are their bios from the Mr. & Ms ACL 2017 Title Contest Program:

Mr. ACL 2017: Steve Geist (“Ox”)

Steve, also known as “Ox”, has been a member of the leather community since 1989, starting with the Fire Keepers of Indiana. After realizing the Fire Keepers were a drinking club with a leather problem, he moved West and made his first several hundred cockrings at Image Leather in San Francisco. In 1993, he moved to Sacramento to work at Leatherworks and also run his own company.

Steve was a member of the Sacramento Leather Association and soon became a member of the club’s board of directors, and joined the production team for their Leatherfest weekend in 1994. When the SLA disbanded in 1995, he remained on the board to manage the orderly shutdown of the organization.

Shortly after that, Steve moved back to San Francisco, where he took a position as a tailor at Mr. S. Leather.

In 2000, Steve met his future husband Glen (eventually marrying him in 2008 as soon as it became possible) and switched careers to information security, where he’s held an international professional certification since 2008.

In 2002, Steve was pinned into Mama’s Leather Family as #199, “Mama’s Leather Maker”, after Mama noticed how many Leatherwalks he’d participated in.

After Glen’s passing in 2016, Steve’s interest in the leather community was re-ignited. To reflect his no-longer new career, he received the new name “Mama’s Password Keeper.”

Today, Steve lives in Vallejo a few miles away from his Daddy. When not doing kinky things with Daddy, he continues to enjoy woodworking and leatherwork as hobbies.

Ms. ACL 2017: Jeni Finch (“Minxy Jeni”)

Minxy Jeni is a newbie queer in chronology but an old soul in leather. As an acupuncture student, she dipped her toe into the scene six months ago with a class on pressure points and somehow found herself free diving in the depths almost immediately. Three months in, she earned her first hanky (houndstooth), which she flags center. (She also flags black and purple on the right).

She’s in the midst of creating a patchwork hanky because “secret” codes are fun!

She just acquired her first leather garment (pants!) but her favorite piece of leather is a custom flogger, soon to be joined by a custom chest harness.

Jeni has a few permanent piercings, two tattoos, and is designing her third ink. She recently enjoyed her first pet play and someday hopes to add a pup to her pack of two bio-dogs.

Jeni believes in symbiotic service and has volunteered at various parties and events with Foundations, the Exiles, WAGZ Service Pack, Wicked Grounds, the Citadel, and the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence. She is an Established Student of Foundations, an active member of the Exiles, and excited to explore the leather scene in the East Bay.

If selected as Ms. Alameda County Leather Jeni would work with her mentors to produce workshops for players of all levels to develop a stronger understanding of consent and autonomy so they feel empowered to call yellow, Red, and a resounding GREEN.





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